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KDS 普通自動車英語コース 


    Spring & Summer Price(April - October)
  • MT \310,000
  • AT \295,000
  • It's 20,000yen cheaper than the regular price.
    Plus+++ There will be now 10hours Driving Lectures" FREE"for those who exceed the curricular Driving training in 3months after they entered the School

    Autumn & Winter Price(November - March)
  • MT \329,960
  • AT \314,080

  • The including tax price.

  • 1, Enrollment fee
    2, Photo&Aptitude test fee
    3, Textbook fee
    4, Driving training fee,
    5, Lecture training fee
    6, Practice short test fee,
    7, The official driving test fee of first and second stage.

  • The paper test fee of temporary license (\1,700).
    The issued fee of temporary license (\1,100).
    The second and more times fee of driving
    skill test (\5,940/times).
    The additional lecture fee of driving instruction (\5,500/times).