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KDS 普通自動車英語コース 

Kani Driving School
GIFU AICHI(岐阜県・愛知県)

If you get driving license, enter the Kani driving school
KDS 普通自動車英語コース 教習風景 
If you want to get a driver's license, enroll at Kani driving school.

We will support you to get a driver's license.

We will teach you in a kind and polite way.

If you find it hard to understand don't hesitade to tell our instructars.

KDS 普通自動車英語コース 勉強会 

It is probably the written test (paper test) that I feel the most difficult in obtaining a license in Japan.
In KDS, there is an interpreter who will help and assist you on your study and review for witten papper test.

Rather than studying alone, you may be motivated by trying hard to get a license with the same group