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KDS 普通自動車英語コース 

Kani Driving School
GIFU AICHI(岐阜県・愛知県)

If you want to get a driving license,enroll now at Kani driving school.
KDS 普通自動車英語コース 教習風景 
We have English Support Course.
Study Meeting (3times/week)

There will be interpreter who will support and give advice.

Interpreter stay time.
MON~SAT 9:00~17:00

Entrance qualifications

※Linguistic test

It is necessary to pass the Simple linguistic checkup and interview.


  • Aged 18 and above.

  • Vision

  • Persons who have 0.3 or more vision in each one eye, and 0.7 or more vision in both eyes.
  • (available with glasses or contact lenses).

  • For persons who have 0.3 or less vision in one eye, but 0.7 or more in another eye, consult us.
  • Persons who can distinguish the signal lights (red, yellow, green).

  • Hearing

  • If you have any disabling condition, consult us in advance.

  • Body
  • Persons who have no physical or mental conditions that would inhibit driving.

  • (If you have any physical disabling condition, consult us in advance.)