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KDS 普通自動車英語コース 

■Requirement of Application / Enrollment requirements

1, Entrance application form

2, Hanko (Name stamp)

3, Residence certificate (with permanent address described)

   *Bring driver's licenses if you possess any.

4, Identity verification documents (one of the following)

  •  ・Health insurance certificate
  •  ・Basic resident register card
  •  ・Passport
  •  ・Any license, permit, or qualification certificate issued by a public office
       according to the law regulations
  •  ・Any sufficient document enough to identify the person issued to its employee
       by a public office
  •  ・Student identification card
  •    *In the event that you have no above documents: Employee ID card, etc.,
       of a private company

       (we may ask the person some questions, or confirm by phone)

       *Request us if you would like to apply for the driver's card loan.

    Note that the various paid charges are not refundable under any circumstances.